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Arden Tyoschin

8 July 2024

Head of UWC ISAK Japan 

Please enter some content for your news story here.I have been privileged to have worked with wonderful colleagues at schools in Canada, Russia, China, Zimbabwe and now Japan. Although I have a BEd and an MA that have provided excellent foundations, I have learned more from experience, my colleagues, and from wonderful, collaborative organisations such as ACAMIS, ISSEA, EARCOS and now UWC. I strongly support design thinking and ensuring that students have a wide range of opportunities to have a positive impact on themselves, their schools and the wider world.


"UWC inspires me due to its hard-core commitment to socio-economic diversity. With a healthy impatience for the status quo, it’s our responsibility to live that precarious balance between helping our students fly, and ensuring that their roots (and prefrontal cortex) are firmly developed."