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Ivana Knježević

27 March 2017

Pastoral Coordinator; English B, UWC Mostar

The opening of the United World College Mostar in 2006 marked also the beginning of Ivana's UWC experience. She has had multiple roles at UWC Mostar but currently is the English B teacher. Ivana’s UWC initiation was a hectic one, just like life within the UWC community always is. These roles keep on awarding her with a great opportunity to meet students, not just inside a classroom, but also in residences, within every aspect of the community. There is an inexhaustible well of constant learning, new realizations, and enlightenment.


“This is a job which does not allow one to stagnate, but to constantly learn, investigate, upgrade one's skills, widen one’s horizons. Being myself from Bosnia and Herzegovina and therefore a direct witness of all its complexities, I feel truly blessed to belong to this community, to be right here, taking concrete steps together with my colleagues and our students to building something promising.”