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Roman Rudzinski

14 September 2020

Teacher of Mathematics - UWC Adriatic

Roman, from Poland, joined UWC Adriatic in 2014. In addition to teaching Mathematics at the college, Roman is the leader of the College’s football activity and the residence tutor of Villa Lucchese. He holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science from the University of Gdansk (Poland). His thesis ‘Programming during maths lessons’ won the best thesis in mathematics education in the Zofia Krygowska Competition. Before coming to UWC Adriatic, Roman taught for several years in IB schools in Gdansk and Gdynia.


"From the beginning of my time at UWC Adriatic I have been trying to find the math formula that can express everything that happens in our college. After searching for a few year I realise am not even close to finding it, but at least I am sure that its beauty is unparalleled"