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Eligibility requirements & criteria

General requirements for the candidates 

UWC application is open to candidates that correspond to the next general requirements:

  • Be 16 or 17 years old by September 1st 2021 (beginning of academic year) - see below for the details;
  • Citizenship of the Republic of Belarus or a permanent residence permit or a refugee certificate in Belarus. 
UWC selection criteria 

To be a successful student at UWC, a candidate has to demonstrate next criteria:

  • Intellectual curiosity and motivation

A genuine urge to learn about the world around oneself and the ability to recognise the details and grasp the breadth of issues (for example global and local concerns) involved in any given topic and to analyse them thoroughly.

  • Active commitment

The ability to develop and readiness to reflect, question and confront one’s own values, to measure one’s behaviour within family and community against one’s values, and to act on one’s own beliefs accordingly and responsibly.

  • Social Competence

The ability and readiness to make contact with other people, to interact respectfully with them, to work together with them in a team and to achieve solutions; the ability to express oneself adequately in different situations and to different people.

  • Resilience, personal responsibility and integrity

The ability to look after oneself physically and emotionally during the challenging and transforming experience that a UWC offers; the personal motivation to adhere to UWC’s common moral and ethical principles, a sense of humility and an ability to listen and value another person’s opinion and experience.

  • Motivation for UWC

Passion, ability and serious incentive to contribute to and actively promote UWC’s values. To learn more about UWC values and mission visit: What is UWC?


Please be aware that we do not expect candidates to be fluent in English.

UWC Belarus special criteria

The UWC Belarus National Committee is seeking for candidates that will become the best representatives of their country and its culture. Those candidates usually demonstrate the following criteria:

  • reflecting post-colonial values of political, social and cultural awareness;
  • breaking the mold of stereotypical post-Soviet youth: being optimistic, idealistic, initiative-taking. 
  • interest and knowledge in Belarusian history, culture, traditions and local context
  • decent level of communication in Belarusian language.

Elegibility criteria for UWC IB Diploma programme based on age:

*Date of birth which is underlined and highlighted in bold meets the UWC selection criteria

2003 2004 2005
January January January
February February February
March March March
April April April
May May May
June June June
July July July
August August August
September September September
October October October
November November November
December December December