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Selection Process and Timeline


Keep in mind, that some of the exact deadlines and dates are subject to change due to the circumstances beyond UWC Belarus National Committee control. In that case all the candidates will be notified in advance via email.

Date Stage of selection process
30 November 2020 Application process is announced
22 January 2021

First round:

Online application

8 February 2021 First round results
27/28 February 2021

Second round:

Interview and activities

1 April 2021 Second round results

Application process

Selection of UWC nominees in Belarus consists of two rounds.

First round: online appliaction 

For the first round candidates are expected to complete online application no later than January 22nd, 2021, 11:59pm Minsk time (GMT+3). Appliaction is available under the following link: ONLINE_APPLICATION

Successful candidates will be invited for the second round of selections no later than February, 8th, 2021.

Second round: interview + group activities 

Secound round consists of individual interview and group activities in order to establish candidate's social, teambuilding and leadership skills. Final round will be held at the end of February in Minsk or online depending on the epidemic situation in the country.

Distribution of places in the colleges

The results of the second round will determine the finalists of the selection process. Finalists will be proposed places at different UWC colleges. When distributing the places, National Committee takes into account candidate's preferences, depicted in the application form. ​​​

The distribution of candidates depends on the availability of places in each college and the applicant's rating score at the Final Selection Day. There is no possibility to change the college you have been offered to be nominated to.

Colleges reserve the right to make the final decision concerning each individual candidate.




Candidates apply to the UWC Selection Committee, not to any particular college. If you are interested in enrolling in a particular college, you must apply through the UWC Global Selection Programme and undertake to pay the full fee for the UWC school or college.

Candidates may apply via only one Selection Committee (including UWC Global Selection Programme). You may apply next year if your situation meets the eligibility criteria.

Candidates with disabilities are also eligible to apply.

All information about candidates is confidential and not subject to disclosure.

If you have questions regarding the selection process or online application, you can ask them on one of UWC Belarus official social media pages, or directly via email to the Selections Coordinator: